Nineties backpacks are back

2013 is a case of goodbye Eighties and hello Nineties. Every fashion look has more than one 15 minutes of fame and the Nineties are a key trend for the year with looks that easy to recreate. It might be a fashion decade that we never expected to see again but thankfully some of the more eponymous elements of the fashion era are actually practical and wearable. No-one in the Nineties was without their backpack and the pack is back for 2013 and it is no bad thing as they are utterly practical. Which are the styles to watch?

Sporty backpack

Of course the sporty backpack is the one that never really went away. Practical for those preppy kids who love carrying their books to school the sporty backpack needs little explanation. These days these backpacks are pretty similar to their Nineties counterparts with nylon fabric, hefty size and a pocket or two. This one looks great with your sports gear or the other nineties trend for checked shirts. Now where is my pass for the gym?

Ikat backpack

These tribal style designed backpacks were a massive hit in the Nineties. These backpacks were big on style and big in size. Typically these were black and white or brown and white and sometimes had a leather base to protect them. They usually had an outside pocket and drawstring style closure. The 2013 incarnation of this bag has stayed true to style and you can buy your backpack here. Wear yours with the fashion phenomena that is double denim.

Dayglo backpack

The decade saw the tail end of the day-glo world that had us wearing fluorescent oranges, yellows and pinks. Transparent backpacks were a key trend of the time. These backpacks left little for the imagination but they certainly felt cool at the time. In these days of gadgetry and technology there is certainly a need to be careful when choosing one of these but they are a fun look all the same. Wear yours with the classic nineties jacket the bomber and you will be on top fashion form for the year.

Camo backpack

Many of the key prints of the Nineties are back too there is little surprise to see the camo backpack making its comeback. You do not need to be in the TA to enjoy this trend. The camo backpack looks great with dungarees and boots as you certainly need a bolder style to pull this one off.

Leather backpack

Leather and suede are classic hardwearing styles for bags and this year you'll find some full on fringe-worthy backpacks out there that will carry your stuff in style. Unlike denim on denim though, leather on leather does not look fabulous so don't try and pull that one off despite the fact that leather jackets a la Bros are hot this year.