Sanity Savers for Road Trip Warriors

Ah, the life of a road trip warrior. When it comes to holidays, the more traditional option of hopping on a plane, checking into an all-inclusive resort and kicking your heels back and relaxing on a white sandy beach doesn't always quite take your fancy. Why? Because you prefer to do something far more adventurous – you prefer to hop into a car and cruise the roads, taking in every bit of the landscape of the country your visiting. And although some may think you mad, no-one can dismiss the fact that road trips really are the best way to see everything a country has to offer. 
But, not all road trips run as smoothly as desired, and if you’re not fully prepared for your long journey, then you could just encounter a few hefty bumps in the road along the way – and I’m just not talking about a few potholes, here…

So, if you've opted to do a road trip for your summer vacation this year, then here are a few things to remember to do before you set off:

Car Servicing
It may go without saying, but we'll say it anyway: a good car service before you set off on a long road trip journey is imperative.  Make sure you get everything checked before you set off - from your breaks, your oil and even those small things, such as your engine coolant. After all, long journeys make your engine more susceptible to overheating.

Insurance & Roadside Service
It’s also worth shopping around with your insurance. Visit Budget Direct Car Insurance to compare what's the best package for your specific road trip needs. Look into bundling services and the value of having a roadside service. What you pay for up front could well be worth avoiding missed meetings and other hassles of a breakdown.

Know Where You're Going
Planning your route is also extremely important for any road warrior. Although you may think you may just be able to wing it when you’re on the road, the last thing you want on your adventure is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere as it’s getting dark…So, make sure you plan the route you want to take well in advance. Investing in an electronic GPS system is the perfect way to do this – most contemporary sets not only tell you where to go, but they also help to plan your route down to the estimated time of arrival – so you can make sure you’ll get to your destination before dinner time!

Backup Copies
As brilliant as technology is, always keep a hard copy of your travel itinerary, hotel reservation numbers and contact details. Just like boy scouts — be prepared.

Speaking of Preparedness...
It’s worth keeping a six pack of water, some almonds, peanuts or other protein snacks and some fresh fruit to keep you well nourished for your journey.

Pack your swimsuit, walking shoes and socks. Exercise might be the last thing on your mind; but getting out of the car and stretching your legs a little bit wherever possible will help to recharge your batteries, keep concentrated and help to break up the long journey.