Top Tips for a Thrifty Summer Break

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Holidays are quite pricey, you have to agree. It is little wonder that every measure you can take to save those precious coins should be considered. If you want to make your holiday cost effective without sacrificing on fun, here are a few tips you absolutely should consider.

Cheap flights to Long Haul Destinations 
Flying is one of those expenses that you can easily reduce if you know how and get cheap air tickets that you could never have dreamed of. If properly planned, you can save hundreds with some very simple tips.

First, always book early. Summer periods are peak periods. Last minute bookings WILL be expensive, and probably those seats that no one wants either (on the aisle next to the loo and the crying baby). Booking at least 8 weeks in advance is the best. If you book using a travel deal website, booking on Tuesday’s seems to get the best deals.

If you aren't travelling with kids or elderly, consider taking flights with stop-overs. They will also save you a few more pounds. Ensure that you try and leave at odd hours e.g. travel mid-week, and leave during the late night flights.

Cheap Holiday Packages
With the world going through a crisis, budget destinations are gaining popularity. Morocco is one of those magical countries that you can enjoy on a budget, and still get a wholesome experience. Just a few hours out of Europe means that you spend less on air fare.

Living like a local here ensures that you can spend less than $40 and enjoy a real cultural tour. The local food is delicious; brochettes, spicy bean soup, crusty bread, and a variety of adventurous meats await you. What’s more, places such as the markets, beach, and some sites are free.  Hunt for bargains in the souks and listen to sage advice from Berber medicine men without spending a fortune. Inter-city travel is also very affordable if you go by train.

You can also get excellent value package holidays to Morocco which will save you trying the unknown when you arrive in the souks and medina, so you can just relax and enjoy the stunning culture everywhere around you.

Get a tourist pass in big cities 
Tourists love the romance of big cities. It is little wonder that Paris, London, New York are among the world’s most popular destinations in their own right. There is something about the teeming life, , and the vital economic and cultural significance of cities that makes them so appealing.

The best way to visit a city is to make sure that you have a tourist pass for the city you are going to visit. This way, you get to enjoy all the major attraction features with one flat payment. You also get to save on queuing as you wait for tickets at museums and attractions: save on time and money!

In Paris, there are basically three passes worth considering: the Paris Museum Pass (access to about 60 museums), the Paris Visite Pass (unlimited travel on buses, metro, and RER), and the Paris Pass. The Paris Pass is basically a combination of the other two passes, with a few more goodies. You get a one hour wine tasting session, discounts at the Galeries Lafayette, as well as a river cruise on top of access to museums and public transport.

In London, you can opt for the London Pass. This will give you access to 56 of the top sites, a bargain if you are able to see all of them. However, since most of the attractions in London are free, and seeing all 56 in that short period is very unlikely, it is cost effective to get an Oyster pass that will allow you to travel around cheaply.

In New York, grab yourself the New York City Pass, giving you cheaper (45% savings) and faster access to the top 6 must see sights in the Big Apple. The tickets are valid for nine days, giving you plenty of time to unhurriedly visit each of these attractions.
City passes are great, but the best steal is to go during a city culture week. In Italy, for example, Rome’s attractions are opened up for that festival period, allowing you to explore for free! Find out if the city you are visiting has this option for even better value.

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