3 Places to Spot Batman

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Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That, Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Bat? -Jim Carrey (The Riddler), Batman Forever

While I’m not exactly quivering in my chic, but trendy, combat boots, I think Joel Schumacher should probably start packing his bags. Since the Batman first appeared in 1939, the broody silhouette of the caped crusader has inspired a legion of fans, spanning generations and media platforms, catapulting the charming mannerisms and idiosyncrasies of Bruce Wayne into an ever shining spotlight. Batman/Bruce is a kind of every-man (if you discard the affluence, tragic yet convenient inheritance, business connections and seemingly endless supply of gadgetry that can only be described as awesome) in that he has no super powers, no mutant gene, nothing morphologically or biologically special about him whatsoever. Though dry wit is a cunning weapon, the Bat relies on his ingenuity, strength of character, natural detection skills, technological know-how and an endless supply of weaponry and sweet rides.

Before I go on and list a myriad of cities and location you can catch the Bat, I need to let you in on a little secret my older brother still has trouble with – Batman is not real. I know, it’s heart breaking (and it really was when I first found out) but you can still join the Bat Hordes and grab a photo op in the following locations:

Bat Cave One: San Diego Event:
Comic Con

Who hasn’t heard of Comic Con? I love the colourful interpretation of characters and costuming, from walking TARIDIS – or is it TARDI? – to the latest amateur advances in prosthetics for Spock lovers or wannabe Wolverines; Comic Con is the ideal place to let your inner nerd flag fly. Batman or multiple Batmans lurk around every corner, waiting for the opportunity to put an arm around your waist or shoulders, glare down the lens of the camera and transport you to Gotham city, if only for a second. Nowhere else on earth will you find people who understand and relate to your obsession with the Rogues Gallery or the pitfalls of the old movie series, shot sometime back in the 80’s, when fake noses were cool.

Bat Cave Two: Movieworld
Event: Theme Park

Australia is a land of blonde surfers, cuddly koalas and mate spruiking men wearing camo shorts, right? Not even close. Movie world stands tall on the Gold Coast, a strip of surf, sun and relaxation, boasting the best DC themed rides and hilarious side shows. Batman roams the alleys, finding the right passer-by to snatch up for a moment and immortalize with a quick shutter snap and a gravelly thank you. The actors are professionals and the costuming first class, long ago updated to reflect the famous Dark Night trilogy; capable actors, thrill churning rides, intricate costumes and more sideshows you can throw a Bat Star at, like them on Facebook here and find out more.

Bat Cave Three: Movie Releases 
Event: To Be Advised 

Though Nolan’s take on the Bat has come to a satisfying conclusion, Hollywood are known for the inglorious reboot, when scripts are running dry and the words “original” and “unique” seem like long ago pipe dreams, reserved for people with vision. Case in point? Spiderman. While there is no indication that a Batman segue is on the cards, I wouldn't put it past DC and whatever studio they align with in the next few years; Batman is evidently a money spinner and as we all know, money doesn't last forever.

To re-phrase the opening quote:

 Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That, How Long Until the Bat Comes Back?

 What do you think? Will DC head for a reboot in five years, considering the consistent success of The Avengers and affiliated series?

 By Jessica Hannah

Image credit to www.scottsebring.com

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