5 reasons to visit Luxembourg

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Luxembourg seems to be forgotten in amongst its European neighbors as a holiday destination. Don’t overlook this tiny country – it has a lot to offer!

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The capital city of Luxembourg is Luxembourg City. It’s a lively, happy place to visit with many cultural exhibits and architecture to admire. Don’t miss the Luxembourg City History Museum to read about this City’s fascinating UNESCO heritage classification.

Between June and September in the City, summer allows the city to come ‘outside’; don’t miss the many free open air concerts and plays held during this period.

Markets and Jumble sales are big business in Luxembourg, and are the best places to pick up a bargain. Pay a visit to the tourist information office to find out when the markets are taking place and what they’re selling.

Chairlift Vianden is a fabulous experience for children and adults alike. Although chairlifts used to be very popular, most have now been replaced with cable cars which in my opinion lose some of the magic of being in the open air admiring the beautiful views. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a ride on this attraction.

Finally, the parks and gardens open to the public in Luxembourg rival any I have experience in Europe. Usually free to enter, some have the best children’s play areas I have ever seen. Well kept and always planted with a breathtaking array of flowers, these parks and gardens are the pride and joy of Luxembourg and rightly so.

Give Luxembourg some thought for your next family holiday – although not a popular destination, it is certainly well worth a visit.

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