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Bali is a province in Indonesia located south of the equator. This province bombards tourists with beauty, rich culture and beautiful beaches. The experience is incredible and effortless- the peak of tropical living. The beaches attract many travelers worldwide to this small Indonesian island. The attraction is as persuasive and persistent as a boiler space hustler. As the saying goes "God resides in the Great Himalayas", I presume that he has his vacations in Bali. Here is a list of top Bali activities to undertake and enjoy.

Learn how to surf in Kuta

Based on what you hope to achieve from your travel, Kuta will be a memorable place. The place has brilliant surfing lessons. Since the waves in Kuta breaks over the sand instead of the coral, new surfers do not have to exit the waters to grasp for air. You can spend your day exploring the barrel, take fresh fruit drink and see the sunset at KuDeTa. KuDeTa is seaside restaurant and bar that attracts huge crowds. You should get there early in order to secure a great sunset spot. Kuta beach has numerous affordable accommodations and is not far from the airport. Some of the best surfing schools include Rip Curl Surfing School and Odyssey.

Climbing Mt.Batur

This volcanic mountain surrounding the Lake provides an ideal setting for a gorgeous climb to the summit. The perfect time for mountain climbing is early in the morning. Most teams start their ascent at 4 am and hit the summit at around 6 am. They watch as the sun slowly rises beyond the Lombok strait. Make sure you carry a jacket and be extra careful since Mt. Batur is an active volcano. It is advisable to take a tour up the mountain as a group.

Take a road tour to Lake Bratan

Taxi charges are substantially lower thus it is easy and cheaper to hire a taxi for a whole day. My favorite path starts in south Bali going through the luxuriant highlands and ends at Lake Bratan. It is a two hour drive. Pura ulun Danu Bratan and the photogenic cover girl temple are found at this lake. The place is misty and cool, it feels so great.

Snorkeling at Menjangan Island

This pristine island is remotely located on the West of Bali. However, it is famous for snorkeling. The strange fish and bright reefs will leave a smile on your face. You can hire a boat and go out to the reefs the entire day for a mind blowing experience. A perfect way of experiencing Menjangan is staying near Pemuteran for several nights. On the other hand, you can tour the Tama Nasional Barat to see some Balinese fauna and flora.

Kecak dance at Ulu Watu

In 1930's a German musician touring Bali taught the local residents a peculiar dance known as Kecak. The dance involves the use of about 100 vocal chords with no instruments. They chant kindly as costumed dancers perform and act Ramayana. You can enjoy the dance and the chatting as the sun sets over the Ulu Watu cliff. The performers dance round a huge fire.

With all these exciting and amazing activities to do in Bali, extending your stay on this tropical island is worthwhile. Bali is a wonderful destination especially because of its relaxed atmosphere and friendly locals. Therefore, take a flight to Bali and get an experience of a lifetime.

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Stefan R. has travelled around Asia at the age of 23 and found a permanent home in Indonesia. If your next adventure includes a trip to Bali, be sure to check out an extensive guide to hotel accommodation by clicking here.

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