Family Vacation Tips in Singapore

Singapore, one of the jewels of Asia, is a great place to visit because of its many tourist attractions. Restaurants, shops, boutiques, nightlife and amusement parks greet every visitor and offer him a unique experience each and every time. With a wealth of hotels, restaurants, parks and adventure programs, you’ll never have a dull moment in the Merlion city.
Singapore is a compact city that can be toured in a day. If you’re traveling to Singapore with your family, the ideal way to get around the city is by Singapore car rental. You have the option of getting a regular car rental where you will be doing the driving yourself or you can avail of an exclusive limo service where you will be driven around by a dedicated driver. Having your own car and driver will lessen your worries about getting back to your hotel or going from one place to another.

Of course, taxis abound in Singapore, but it would be really convenient to have your own car rental. Since the driver will most likely be a native, you will be getting a tour of city without needing to hire a guide. Or, you can go down the scenic route and take advantage of the great weather and take stops that aren’t included in your itinerary. In short, you have the freedom to be spontaneous and you can go wherever you want to go when you are driving around in your own vehicle.

Traveling with Children
Singapore is a wonderful place to visit with children, no matter what age they are. The good thing about is that the city is kid-friendly. However, be sure to bring the essentials such as car seat for infants or a foldable stroller for toddlers and young children. In case you forgot to bring these, you will find some that you can rent inside amusement parks and theme parks.

When it comes to food, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures. It has British, Indian, Malay and Chinese influences and all of these are visible in their cuisine. One characteristic of Singaporean food is that it is very spicy. This is why when traveling with your family, especially with kids, be sure to ask for the level of spiciness a dish has before ordering food from a restaurant. Most restaurant owners will be happy to adjust the “hotness” of a dish if you tell them that you can only take the mild spicy version or no chili at all. You may also ask to have the chili served on a separate dish if you have some family members who would like to try the specialty. Make sure you get to try the Singaporean chili crabs, among other dishes.

To sum up, you can maximize your Singapore vacation and guarantee a great time for your family by getting a car rental. You’ll have the freedom to go where you please and spend as much time as you would like in one place.

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