Hiker Safety: Three Videos to Download for Your Next Hike

Into the Woods

Every year, thousands, if not millions, of people strike off to get close to nature by hiking through various locations. Hiking can provide excellent exercise as well as a means of bonding with your companions. However, hiking can also pose dangers, some of which can be life threatening. Take time to become familiar with hiking best practices to prevent your next hike from becoming a tragedy.

One way to become educated about good hiking strategies is to attend free seminars offered by local park districts and rescue squads. Another way to educate you is to watch videos on various aspects of hiking. You can visit website portals geared to hikers and other outdoor lovers to find instructional videos on hiking safety, survival techniques and medical procedures to follow in case of emergency.

Hiking Safety Videos

Carrying the right gear can mean the difference between life and death. At the same time, you don’t want to weigh yourself down with unnecessary items. Hiking safety videos provide guidance on the type of clothing you should wear and the type of gear you should carry based on the type of hike you intend to undertake. Hiking safety videos also frequently feature special tips devoted to women hikers traveling alone or only with other women, older hikers and families who are hiking with children in tow.

Hiking Survival Videos

If you get lost or become disoriented, you can wander around for days, sometimes traveling in circles. Getting lost is more common when you are hiking in unfamiliar territory, but you can also become disoriented if you are trapped in a snowstorm or encounter some other situation that displaces familiar guideposts that would otherwise allow you to navigate familiar paths with ease.

Hiking survival videos often feature strategies on how to deal with an avalanche or with being trapped inside a cave. Other subjects that are frequently featured in hiking survival videos include instructions on which plants are and are not safe to eat, how to build a fire without matches and how to construct makeshift shelters to wait out a storm.

Medical Advice Videos for Hikers

Back in the day, you may have encountered advice to handle snake bites by cutting an “X” into the site of the bite, sucking out the venom and applying a tourniquet to prevent the venom from spreading to other parts of the body. However, nowadays, that advice is considered to be exactly opposite of what you should do.  In fact, you may do more harm than good by attempting to treat a snake bite in this fashion.

Accessing Videos While Hiking

Many smart phones and gadgets these days have access to high speed internet networks. It is also having access to these videos in offline settings as well. This website provides a video downloading service specifically designed for accessing instructional video offline. The videos can then be added to more portable devices and gadgets that can be used on hiking trails which are out of reach of internet signals.

Videos that feature medical advice for hikers provide instructions on proper first aid for snake bites (remove any rings near the affected area, allow the wound to bleed for fifteen to thirty seconds before applying a loose splint, not a tourniquet) and other medical emergencies that hikers frequently encounter. While getting professional help as soon as possible is essential to deal with any medical emergency, when you’re hiking far away from civilization, first aid techniques can mean the difference between life and death.