How to Pass the Time at the Airport

Every seasoned traveler will know all about the stress of hanging around in airports waiting for a flight to be called. These often efficient but always rather soulless places are perfect when you get the chance to travel, but if there are delays they can become boring and uncomfortable.
Here are a few tips to help you cope when the signs say ‘DELAYED’.

Read something, anything!
The secret to avoiding tedium is to find a way to pass the time. Therefore, you should always make sure you have something to read with you. A book, a magazine or last Thursday’s edition of the Watford Chronicle will do, as long as it has words and pictures to entertain you.

If music be the food of boredom…
Sometimes nothing beats a few tunes to take your mind off your current plight. Whether you have an MP3 player or a suitable mobile phone, you should slip on the headphones and crank up the volume.

Have a little patience
If you have a pack of cards with you – and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you? – you can always play a little patience to while the hours away. If you get engrossed in your game, you may soon find a couple of hours have passed and you didn’t even notice.

Take a tablet
A mobile phone or a tablet computer both contain a number of features that can help you pass the time. You can play games, surf the web, take a few photos or even update your blog to tell the world about your frustration at the delays.

Go and sit in the car
If you drove to the airport and you were sensible enough to use Stansted valet parking, you could see if you are able to sit in your car for a while until the flight is ready to go. It’ll be more comfortable, and you can always listen to the radio while you’re there.

Strike up a conversation
This is something that comes easy to some people and remains difficult for others. If you want to share your pain, why not have a chat with your fellow travellers? It might be best to only discuss the annoyance for a little while, however, because you could soon become even more depressed.

A few refreshments
Eating a meal and enjoying a drink will pass the time, and will ensure you remain refreshed and ready for the journey once the flight is ready to go. Make sure you drink plenty of water during your wait, because you could easily become dehydrated. Needless to say, if you know in advance about the delays you should contact your Stansted valet parking provider to update them.

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