Outdoor fun in Barcelona

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Barcelona is famous for its museums and art galleries, but with glorious weather and stunning architecture, there's only so much time you can spend indoors. As well as vast beaches and a plethora of outdoor activities just waiting to be enjoyed, including various parks and sporting institutes catering for everything from diving and surfing to skateboarding and biking. Indeed, even if you're not that sporty, it's a treat to wander the city and observe Gaudi's many intricate creations.

Don't have any outdoor activities in mind? No problem, have a read below of some of the potential external enjoyment just a few hours away. If you haven't already booked your flight to Barcelona, do so now and make the most of the sunshine.

The Parc de la Ciutadella
This gorgeous patchwork of emerald lawns and ornamental gardens is an absolute gem of a place if you're looking for somewhere rural to spend time. Despite being located in central Ciutat Vella, you only have to take a handful of steps in any direction to feel as though you're in the countryside - thanks to the crops of trees and other flora. The wildlife helps with the illusion as well - expect plenty of ducks and moorhens as you meander along the edge of the river that twists its way through the park.

Ah yes, the river. For around six euros, you can hire a rowboat that takes you on an even more scenic journey through the park and even allows you to glimpse some of the incredible buildings constructed by Gaudi. A charming attraction that's great to experience with both friends and family.

Skateboarding at MACBA
Barcelona's famous - and sometimes infamous - skating scene is still alive and kicking, in spite of various attempts to clamp down on the activity within the city since 2010. Much of the excitement takes place around the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), a great area for performing all manner of ollies and acrobatics. Expect smooth granite tiles perfect for skating on, plus a vibrant crowd and a community atmosphere.

Beach fun
One of the primary attractions of Barcelona is its coastal location, which is perfect for all manner of sports including windsurfing and jet skiing. If you'd rather stay on dry land, indulge in a game of volleyball or frisbee. Failing that, simply find a private spot on the four miles of perfect sand and chill out with a good book.

Nature reserves
A visit to a nature reserve offers the chance to experience some good clean fun for all the family. Venturing just outside of the city, you'll find the Parc Natural del Delta del Ebre, which is divided into various lagoons, islands and peninsulas. Rent a bicycle if you're interested in seeing the whole thing as it covers 7,800 hectares of forests and grassland. If you're too posh to pedal or simply fancy experiencing the delta at a more serene pace, ask about boating options.

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