Packing Light with Capsule Holiday Wardrobe Essentials

With most airlines imposing ever-stricter baggage allowances, packing for your holiday can turn into a nightmare.  Trying to decide which items to take away with you when you've only got a limited space to play with, can be a big challenge, but with a little clever insight, it doesn't need to be a stressful experience.

Here are some essential tips for packing light and creating your perfect capsule holiday wardrobe.

Get organised
One of the key strategies for light packing is to have an organised approach.  Bunging a big pile of clothes last-minute into your suitcase or holdall is a recipe for a disaster at check-in, so avoid excess surcharges by planning ahead.  Make a list of the clothes you want to take with you.  Lay them out on the bed.  Try to be brutal and whittle the amount down.  Ask yourself, if there are any items that you really don't need.  If you can see what you've got laid out in front of you, it makes it easier to judge how well different outfits go well with each other.  Having a list and keeping a check on it will also ensure you go for the right quantity of items.

Be practical
Pack according to the climate of your destination and the type of activities you're intending to do when you get there, whether it's lounging on a sun-drenched beach, hiking in the mountains or shopping on a city break.  If you're going to be doing lots of walking, then take a sturdy pair of trainers or walking boots, and ideally wear these during the flight.  Practicality and comfort are important no matter what type of holiday you're going on.

Neutral clothes can be a real ally when it comes to packing light, as they have the ability to mix and match well with other colours and outfits, so try to make the most of them when designing your capsule holiday wardrobe.

Multi-functional outfits
As well as neutrals, multi-functional outfits are must-haves for packing light.  The great thing about multi-functional outfits is that they can be worn during the day or at night, for either a dressed-down or a dressed-up look.  Think floaty dresses for covering swimwear in the day, then transformed into evening attire with the aid of some killer heels and a stunning necklace. Make the most of accessories to change the feel of the outfit.

If you're heading to a warm climate, then you may find it easier to pack light items that you can layer of an evening when the temperature dips, rather than including one or two heavy, bulky items that you may not even end up wearing.

Items such as jewellery, scarves, hats, ties or belts are capsule holiday wardrobe essentials, because they can be mixed and matched with outfits to create a new look each day.  They are small and light to carry, so can easily be fitted into your case without adding too much bulk or weight.

The number one enemy for adding bulk to your case, toiletries need some careful consideration if you intend to pack light.  The good news is, that you can easily buy all sorts of travel size toiletries to suit your needs.  In many cases, you might find it cheaper to buy some of your toiletries at your destination rather than at home.

It can be hard to pack light, especially if you’re a clothes lover like Philippa. She has put together this article to share her knowledge with others who also find it hard to refrain from adding items to their suitcase. Philippa often purchases her clothing from the specialists at Anna Davies.