Phuket: Thailand’s Most Famous Destination

The Cebu Pacific Air latest flight destination to Thailand  makes me excited and inspires me to work harder and save even more. Yes! In no time, I’ll be able to set foot on Thailand’s most famous destination which is Phuket.

Travel enthusiasts know Phuket and its beaches and its endless nightlife. As a matter of fact, some of its islands have been featured in several Hollywood films and it’s one of my many dream destinations in Asia.

Cebu Pacific’s Smile magazine listed several places to visit when in Phuket along with clear and vivid descriptions about them. Somehow, the article gave me a glimpse of what to expect when I’ll be there soon. Of course, experience is truly the best teacher so I asked some friends who are there in Thailand about what they could say about Phuket based on their first-hand experience. Most of them could say nothing but positive reviews.

Patong, as mentioned in the article is truly where the party is. My friend, of course, enthusiastically mentioned about the bars lining side by side throughout the Bangla Road where foreigners from around the world come to have a good time. It is where you can do both shopping and bar hopping as shops and bars literally co-existed in here. During daytime though, this place is quite the opposite of what happens during the night because people flock to the very near Patong Beach.

In the article, Smile Magazine mentioned only 7 places to go when you’re in Phuket but I am sure there will be more to visit once I’m there. I used to think that my visit to Phuket is impossible but Cebu Pacific with its weekly flight to Phuket makes it very possible now.

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