Steps to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

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There is almost nothing that can ruin your day faster than a police officer giving you a ticket speeding. This is especially frustrating when you have somewhere to be, and quickly. Not only does this cause even more stress because you will now be late for sure, but you now have a large sum of money to pay. And in certain states, if you’re driving fast enough over the speed limit, you can lose your license as well. However, if certain actions are taken, this fiasco can be completely avoided. In this article I would like to go over some actions you can take to help keep this problem from occurring in the first place.

Stay with the flow of traffic

This means keeping your speed relatively close to the other traffic around you. This would be no more than 5-10 miles per hour faster than the other cars on the road. If you drive significantly faster than the surrounding vehicles, then you are much more likely to stick out in a crowd and get pulled over. Even though you are all technically speeding, you are the one who will be more noticed, fair or not.

Use a shield

What this means is, find a pack of cars or another solitary car out there that is moving around the speed that you would like to be, and stay close behind them. But do not follow them too close; try to stay about 50 yards behind at least. This is because if there is a cop using radar the other car(s) in front will get their attention, and not you.

Do not tailgate or drive recklessly

This should be self explanatory, but I’ll mention it anyway. If there are cars in front of you, do not ride their bumper. This is considered aggressive driving, and if you combine this with speeding, you increase your odds of being pulled over. Also, do not weave in and out of traffic. This type of driving is considered reckless, and is frowned upon by most police.

Avoid using the fast lane

This is another obvious statement, but many drivers still do this anyway. If you are going to speed, you need to be discreet and blend in. If you are in the fast lane flying down the highway, you are not being discreet. This type of driving is almost guaranteed to get you pulled over.

Pay attention to openings in medians and obvious hiding spots – Cops like to hide in certain areas when they’re doing radar. Some of the more common areas are openings in medians that are sometimes covered by trees. They also like to hide, especially on side roads, in dark light areas of parking lots or even pulled off on the side of a road hidden by vegetation. Also, note that their lights will almost always be off making it very difficult to see them.

So, in closing, if you are going to speed, do so with caution as not to get caught. However, if you really don’t want to get caught, don’t speed in the first place. Available upon request

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