A Winter Holiday: Sun or Snow?

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As winter slowly makes its way into our everyday lives, the days get shorter and darker, and our thoughts begin to turn towards holidays. When it comes to winter holidays, it boils down to two choices: sun or snow.  But how do you decide?

The Sun
A holiday in the winter sun will leave you feeling bright, warm and tanned. Imagining the dreary weather back home will bring a smile to your face as you bask in the heat of the sun. The downside to this is the realization that you’ll be going back to the depths of winter, and once you’re back, you’ll be fervently wishing you were back in the sun.

Where Should You Go?
Contrary to popular belief, the Mediterranean is not the place to be in winter. There is just as much poor weather there as there is in Britain: wind, rain snow – you name it, they've got it. Even North Africa has a rainy season and can be cold at night.

For glorious weather, you want to be close to the equator or the southern hemisphere. Go for Egypt or the Middle East. The nights can get chilly but there’s a very slim chance of rain in these parts. A bit further afield, the Caribbean and Florida are warm and have a good amount of sunshine, but may rain occasionally. Central America and Mexico are much more likely to be dry however.

The Snow
A winter holiday in the snow is markedly different from a break in the sun. Think wooden cabins, log burners, hearty meals, and keeping warm and toasty.  Whether you’re looking for a mountain setting or the Northern Lights, a winter holiday is for you.

Where Should You Go?
There are a plethora of different places that you can go to enjoy a winter wonderland. Northern Norway offers isolation and the chance to see the Northern Lights. Hire a Super-jeep safari or go on a husky dog sledge ride (or even have a go on a bobsled) and you’re wanderlust will be satisfied. 

You could stay in a luxury igloo in one of Austria’s igloo hotels. Then, warm up in the sauna, have a drink by the fire, and then get taken to your icy suite where you’ll be tucked up in an expedition-grade sleeping bag.

For a cheaper version, try simply flying up to Scotland, renting a log cabin and enjoying Christmas in the snow. Remember to wrap up warm with clothes like the ones from E-Outdoor; you can’t get away with wearing nothing like you can in the sun.

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