Hiking Holiday Backpack Essentials

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Hiking holidays aren't everybody’s cup of tea, but they’re worth giving it a go at least once. If you’re not usually the outdoorsy type but you’re being dragged along on a family hiking holiday regardless, we've put together a guide to our backpack essentials for novice walkers.
Warm Clothing
Whilst it might be warm and sunny on the ground, once you start climbing hills and ascending mountains, you’d be surprised at just how chilly it can get. Always keep a jacket, gloves and a hat - preferably from a specialist like Warwickshire Clothing - in your bag and pop the jacket on every time you stop for a rest, even if you don’t feel particularly cold. This will prevent dramatic body temperature changes, which can cause hypothermia if you’re not careful.

Glucose Snacks
If you’re not used to doing a lot of exercise, you might find that your energy levels deplete very quickly. You could experience a drop in your blood sugar levels and end up feeling sick and dizzy if you haven’t eaten the right foods prior to the hike, so pop some glucose snacks in your bag. These can include anything from energy bars to tablets, or even mint cake, which you’ll be able to find in any good walking shop in the UK. If you fancied a challenge, you could even make your own.

Even if it’s wintertime, you’d be surprised at how easily it is to get a sunburnt face, especially if there’s snow around. Whatever the weather is like when you set off, always take some sunscreen with you that you can apply should the sun come out whilst you’re walking.

Blister Kit
When you’re donning a pair of walking boots for the first time, it’s impossible to determine whether they’ll still be comfortable eight hours later. It’s a good idea to try and wear in a pair of new boots before setting out on a hike, but you should always carry a blister kit just in case. Blister plasters and some Vaseline will help to prevent any sore areas blistering and ruining your walk. An extra pair of socks is always a good idea too, as they’ll provide extra cushioning if your boots start to rub.

When you've got the right kit, there should be nothing stopping you from enjoying a hiking holiday. Instead of gaining weight after over indulging in pizza and cocktails on holiday, this year you might just find yourself returning home a few pounds lighter.

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