Nigeria Mudslide Puts Lives and World Mountain Race at Risk

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A mudslide at the famous Nigerian Obudu Mountain Resort this week put the lives of many people, including both local visitors and tourists, at risk. The severity of the mudslide was such that the Nigerian Air Force was immediately called into action, in order to evacuate guests near the top of the mountain as well as all villagers in the local vicinity. Up to 20 people are still believed to be trapped, but thankfully it’s believed that they are set to be evacuated in the next few hours.

In addition, it is not yet certain as to whether or not the World Mountain Race will be able to take place in the aftermath of the mudslide. Officials will be assessing the area more thoroughly once all stranded individuals are successfully evacuated.

About the World Mountain Race
The World Mountain Race was first held in 2005. It is an annual running competition which has the largest total price available of any mountain race - $100,000 to be divided equally between the winners of the male and female races, with an additional $150,000 to be shared amongst the runners-up. Because of the size of the prize on offer, the Obudu World Mountain Race often attracts elite athletes from all around the world. If the race was unable to go ahead this year, or had to be rescheduled, it would be a crushing blow for the many star runners who have made plans to attend.

The Obudu Mountain Resort
The mountain resort itself is a luxury retreat for travellers who wish to experience the finest vacation experience that Nigeria has to offer. Secluded from the world by the stunning tropical rain forest of the Cross River State, Obudu is a haven away from the world which promises its guests the ultimate rest and relaxation experience.

Deceptively large, the Obudu Mountain Resort caters for any type of visiting party, from corporate guests to families with small children. In addition, the resort is as much renowned for its Eco-tourism credentials as it is for its luxurious golf courses. However guests would do well to remember that the resort is positioned on top of a mountain, so complete your outdoor look with some lightweight wet weather clothing and you’ll be sure to have an experience like no other.

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