Tips to Save Money on Car Rental

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Renting a car for the first time may be particularly daunting, with procedures, terms and conditions and of course driving a new car for the first time it is easy to see why, if you’re renting a car abroad in a country with different driving regulations this can be made all the more daunting with then results in some people choosing to avoid renting a car altogether. As a result many choose to miss out on the benefits of it being a cheap alternative to having your own car and a highly convenient option especially for those with children or lots of luggage to transport which is always stressful on public transport.

Some research before booking your car rental will help you smooth out any potential worries you may have about the process and potentially save you time and money. A few checks and asking questions before hand can make a surprising difference.

The most important part of the car rental process is choosing the company you would like to rent the vehicle from. This isn't as simple as it sounds as there are various points to consider, primarily cost, location of the pick up and drop off points and of course the duration of the rental. Being generally charged for every 24 hours it is important to ensure you book a rental where you can return the car on time to avoid being charged for an additional day you don’t need.

The costs of renting a car will include a day rate, usually charged in 24 hour periods, a booking fee or deposit and then a cost to refuel. Optional costs include insurance and toll passes, which you can alternatively purchase through a different provider so it is worth comparing the costs of the two sources. When comparing the car rental costs look for coupons in order to get a discount on the charges, such coupons offer things like 1 day of car rental free on longer booking or a percentage off the overall cost for the shorter bookings or free upgrades giving you a bigger and better car! A few minutes spent comparing the discount coupons available from each car rental provider will potentially save you a large sum of money so it is always worthwhile doing this particular piece of research in the buying process.

Another essential point to consider when renting a car is the start point, end point and duration of the rental. If you will be dropping off your car at a different location from where you picked it up it is essential to check that the car rental company have a branch nearby to your destination. Choosing a cheap car hire company may result in additional fuel and transport costs if you need to travel off route to drop off the car. The cheapest car rental isn't always the cheapest overall which is exactly why it is so imperative to look beyond the day rate when comparing the costs and also include discount coupons, costs of getting to and from the car drop off point and any insurance or compulsory additional charges which will be added.

Once you have been through the car rental process once you will see how easy this potentially is and you won’t want to miss out on the benefits that renting a car on vacation can offer!

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