A guide to the city of Madrid

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The city of Madrid is located in the center of Spain, near many historical towns. There are many museums and several parks where visitors will be able to rent boats and row across the lake. 

Walk around the city center

Madrid has many cultural attractions. The city's three main art museums are the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofia Museum and the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum. These three museums form the Golden Triangle of Museums. Nearby visitors will find the Naval Museum. These museums offer discounts and there is no fee during some afternoons.

A short walk away from this area visitors will find the main Gran Vía street, filled with restaurants and shops. The Fuente de Cibeles is located next to it, a fountain where Real Madrid players meet to celebrate their victories. The Palacio de Correos palace, the former post palace built in a Gothic style, is located here. The white building, one of the city's symbols, is now used as the town hall. Visitors can climb up one of the towers that has views towards the city center. The nearby Círculo de Bellas Artes is another main building, a cultural center dedicated to the fine arts. The top floor of this building has a cafeteria where visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city.

The Royal Palace is a short walk away from the city center. Visitors will be able to explore several of the state rooms, which are now used for official events. After touring the palace visitors can walk around the Sabatini gardens, a set of gardens decorated with fountains and statues.

Stay in the city center

In the city center there are many hotels and hostels that can be adapted to many budgets. In the historical city center, located near the Puerta de Sol and stretching towards the Royal Palace on one side and the Golden Triangle of Museums on the other side there are many old apartments which have been transformed into hostels where backpackers meet. Many of these hostels offer tours around the city and tapas tours. Those not on a budget can stay in one of the city's grand hotels, located steps away from the city's museums.

Enjoy the tapas

Madrid is a city known for its tapas selection. Tapas are local appetizers that are served with each drink ordered in most bars. There are many types of tapas, ranging from bread topped with fish to portions of potatoes dowsed in sauces. Those on a budget can enjoy a selection of tapas in one of the city's markets, most of which have several tapas bars next to traditional stalls selling fresh fruit, local vegetables, fish and meat. The Mercado de Antón Martín is located near Antón Martín, an area close to the Atocha train station. This market offers traditional tapas and a variety of aperitivos, to be enjoyed with a caña beer. The Mercado San Antón is a recently remodeled market located next to the centric Puerta del Sol square. This market has a large terrace and offers many varieties of tapas, jamón hams and other local delicacies. Typical tapas include aceitunas olives, spicy peppers served in a clay tray and tortilla de patata potato omelet.

There are many tapas bars around the city center. La Latina district, a hip district located south of the city center, offers traditional tapas bars, pintxo bars where the appetizers are served on skewers and several ethnic restaurants. In the Barrio de las Letras, the city center, visitors will be able to spend an afternoon hopping from one tapas bar to the next before partying until dawn in one of the city's many clubs and discos. The Malasaña district is steps away from the city center and has many bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants.

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