Deals by the Dozen: Getting Discounts on Your Dream Destination in Just a Click of a Mouse

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Enjoying a fantastic holiday while spending as little as possible is something that we all want to do. Fortunately, you have a number of possibilities if you want to cut the cost of your holiday when you book it online. Here are some of the best ways to avoid spending over the odds for your holiday this year.

Use a Comparison Service

Comparison services are great when it comes to booking holidays, but they should just be a starting point. Use one to find out the going rates for flights, car rentals, travel insurance, accommodation, etc, then do some further research. Some companies do not use comparison services, so compare companies yourself by visiting the websites individually and find out if they have cheaper deals. Keep all the details in a spreadsheet and after a while you will have a record of all the best deals.

Use a Legitimate Company

Cheap is great when it comes to booking your holiday, but a holiday can turn out a lot more expensive if you use an unreliable company. Find out whether your chosen companies are legitimate by carrying out online reviews. For example, you may have heard of a website like HouseTrip for arranging accommodation, but is HouseTrip safe? Read a few reviews to find out before making a decision to use any company.

Travel in the Off-Season

The best way to save money on a holiday is to travel in the off season. This will be different depending on where you want to go, so find out when you are researching destinations. During the off season in your destination, you will usually be able to find cheaper accommodation, restaurants, attractions and more, which can save you a considerable amount of money.

Book Last Minute

Last-minute holidays can be very cheap because airlines, hotels and resorts want to fill up their remaining spaces. If you can be flexible and you are not that bothered about the fine details of your holiday, start looking a few days before you travel and find a cheap deal that stands out.

Book Early

Alternatively, do the very opposite. If you have dates that you have to stick to, and you know exactly where you want to go, booking earlier is the best way to keep the costs down. There will probably be a greater number of cheap deals for travel and accommodation, and you can also relax because you know everything is booked up well in advance.

Spend Time Researching Flights

If you are flying to your destination, prices can vary enormously, often from day to day. A good tip is to start your flight search early. Use a comparison service that looks up flights from a selection of airlines, and then make a number of searches using slightly different days and times for your flight. Check the prices every day for a week or two and keep track of the results, and you’ll soon find the cheapest deals.

Could All-Inclusive Be Cheaper?

When you have chosen a destination, find out whether it will be cheaper to book it all yourself or to opt for an all-inclusive holiday. You may be surprised, but sometimes all-inclusive can be cheaper, especially when you take into account the money that you will spend on food, travel and entertainment on a DIY holiday.

Save Some Cash when Booking Your Holiday

These are some of the best ways to save money when you book your holiday this year. They are all very easy to do, but they do involve investing some time. The best option is to spend a bit of time every day researching online until you find something that looks good. If you are prepared to spend time looking, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy an amazing holiday for less, so keep the above tips in mind and save some money on your next holiday.

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