Exploring Bohol: Crossing the Sipatan Hanging Bridge

It was lunch time by the time we left Bohol Man-Made Forest that decided to pass by the Sipatan Hanging Bridge at Sevilla, Bohol.
Before crossing the bridge, you need to pay 20 pesos as entrance fee (10 pesos is for the environmental fee and other 10 pesos for the entrance fee itself). The entrance fee will be used for the maintenance of the bridge and amenities and the Environmental fee is to preserve, maintain and protect the environment.
Steel railings, bamboo flooring

Scary and Shaky. These were the first words that entered my head while I was crossing the hanging Bridge, the experience of swaying side to side and bouncing up and down.
sat in the middle of the bridge
The Sipatan Hanging Bridge laid to over 20 to 30 meters high above and spans 40 meters long. Before, the bridge is just made of bamboo and rope, but now, the rope is changed into steel cables giving added security and stability and the floor is made out of bamboo slats.

To reach the end of this bridge, you can buy the cheapest souvenir items like shirts,  bags, key chains, wallets, bracelets, and Bohol delicacies.