Bohol Zipline : Loboc Eco Adventure Park

Tired but we're still up for more! After cruising the Loboc River, our next stop was the Loboc Ecotourism Adventure Park and tried their zipline which crosses a distance around 600 meters long from one place to another and 120 meters high over the Loboc river.
getting ready for the ride ( smile kunyari pero pinagpawisan na sa kaba hehheh)
These are the view below, the Loboc River. Awesome!

It was terrifying at first, even though I am not afraid of heights; it made my heart beat hasty.  After a while, I really enjoyed it and I felt that I was truly flying.  I've seen how beautiful Loboc River was.

Definitely worth visiting.


  1. I won't try this! hehehe! Because I am afraid of heights. :D