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Moving a small boat by hand may sometimes be too difficult. Several people are not always around to properly pick up boats out of the water for towing or storage. Fortunately, there are simple and affordable boat lifting solutions. Certain docks and marinas that have covered boat houses can benefit from wood mounts that are used for physically lifting small boats. The lifts work in a very simple fashion by using traditional motors and a system of gears and pulleys. A lift system can have multiple points of attachments for securing a boat with straps or heavy duty ropes. The motors in boat lift systems operate on standard 120V AC power. A rating of only 1 hp is usually sufficient to raise a wooden or metal boat several feet above the surface of the water.

Some boat lift systems employ simple manual designs that require nothing but pure human force. Two people can easily pull on the ropes that run through a system of multiple pulleys. The mechanical advantage provided by the pulleys is sufficient enough to evenly divide the weight of a boat among multiple people. Sometimes, crankshafts and handles are used to lift a boat out of the water in a similar way that a car jack is used to lift a vehicle for several inches.

It is important to understand that boat lift systems may only work in boat houses or other structures along docks. Some type of ceiling or surface is needed in order to attach the motor and mounts of a boat lift system. Otherwise, a small boat must be lifted out of water in traditional ways that include pulling with ropes or connecting to a pickup truck hitch. The purpose of a boat lift is to raise the watercraft high onto a dedicated stand. During off season, boats are simply stored on elevated stands or platforms to clear out any space in the docks and marinas. Boat lifts are also useful during major weather events that can cause flooding. There is surely an urgent need to get a boat out of a dock during rough weather. Clicking on "this website" of an online watercraft store is an example of shopping for boat lifts. Online stores can deliver full boat lift kits that must be assembled onsite at a dock or marina. Clear instructions make it easy to set up a lift in any boathouse.

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