Things To Do in Bohol

Bohol Island is as one of the most visited province and top tourist destinations in the Philippines. You can find many places and do many things in Bohol. Here are some fun activities you can DO on your first trip.

Be adventurous and try Loboc’s Zipline
Tried their zipline which crosses a distance around 600 meters long from one place to another and 120 meters high over the Loboc river.  It made my heart beat hasty.  After a while, I really enjoyed it and I felt that I was truly flying.  I've seen how beautiful Loboc River was.

River Cruise at Loboc River
It’s a must try for first timers to eat lunch and just relax in the floating restaurant while cruising along Loboc River.

Take a closer look at the Chocolate Hills 
These are perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size where the grass turns brown in the summer. It's a natural formation, and there is none other like it in the world. This site is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Cross the Sipatan Hanging Bridge 
The Sipatan Hanging Bridge laid to over 20 to 30 meters high above and spans 40 meters long . Scary and Shaky these were the first words that entered my head while I was crossing the hanging Bridge, the experience of swaying side to side and bouncing up and down.

Learn about the Tarsiers at the Tarsier Sanctuary
The Philippine tarsier, (Tarsius syrichta) are small and the most famous features of these creatures are their eyes which are bulging and are bigger than the entire brain

Panglao Island
Walk along the stretch of Alona beach Panglao Island has a lot to offer - snorkeling, diving, trekking or just simply beach bumming. The most famous and developed beach in Panglao is the Alona Beach.

Eat at the Buzz Café
Try an Organic Flower Salad, a combination of fresh picked assorted romaine lettuce, turnips, mustard greens and flowers served with honeyed mustard salad dressing.

Buy Bohol's Native Pasalubong
Try Bohol's calamay and peanut kisses, which could easily be bought in pasalubong centers and supermarkets.

Bilar Hill Park and Restaurant
The Bilar Hill Park is the newest tourist attraction in the town of Bilar. Apart from the restaurant, the Bilar Hill Park has a mini zoo and a garden.

The Man Made Forest
The Bohol Man-Made is a mahogany forest stretching in a 2km planted with Mahogany trees located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns. When you enter the forest, one will feel the quick change in temperature, especially during summer season. It is hot outside the forested area, but once under the overhanging trees, one is revitalized by the cool breeze.

How to Get to Bohol
There are two airlines with flight routes to Bohol from Manila. If you'll be coming from Cebu, take a ferry that will take you to Bohol in less than two hours.

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