What Clothes to Pack for a Beach Vacation

During the long, dark months of winter, everyone dreams of taking a vacation somewhere warm. If you are one of the lucky ones that is planning a trip to the beach, then you might be starting to plan what clothing you would like to pack. With air travel the way it is, it’s important that you are smart about what you bring to avoid over packing and the resulting fees that having too much luggage can get you. Here are a few ideas for what clothes to pack for a beach vacation.

Traveling Clothes
For the most part, you won’t have to pack the clothes that you plan to wear on the days you travel. If you will have access to laundry facilities, you can even wear the same outfit on your return trip. If your travel time isn't going to take too long, you could probably get away with wearing the same clothes even if you don’t have the chance to watch them. Just be considerate of your fellow passengers. Remember to wear something comfy like cool T-shirt for men as you will likely be sitting for long periods of time. A jacket or a scarf is a good addition because airplanes can be a little chilly.

Clothes for Exploring
During the times that you aren't lounging on the beach or dining at a nice restaurant, you will probably want to be comfortable, but still cute, as you explore the area you are visiting. A pair of cute cut-off jean shorts with a simple tank top is enough to keep you looking casual and cute as you peek into local shops or even get the courage to try a hike or maybe a zip-line adventure. You don’t have to look like a tourist, even though you are one.

Beach Clothes
You will probably spend the majority of your time at the beach, since that is the purpose of your trip after all. Plan on taking plenty of swim suits – up to one for each day. Swim wear is easy to rinse and re-wear, so if you don’t have a handful of suits, don’t worry. You can survive with one or two. Cute cover-ups, such as tube top dresses, are a necessity as you will probably do a little sightseeing in your swim suit and won’t want to feel uncomfortable. A couple of pairs of flip flops, sunglasses, a large-brimmed hat to protect your face, and a beach bag to carry your books and magazines are all the accessories you will need.

Formal Clothing
Many beach resorts have restaurants or clubs to visit during the evenings. Some may allow you to dress more casually, but some require formal clothing for dining. You can still look beachy cool in a nice dress, especially if you pack something a little more fun like hi-lo dresses. After a day of laying on the sand, swimming, or shopping, it can feel very nice to shower, get cleaned up, and dressed for a night out. Two or three different formal outfits should be enough for a vacation of average length, but a week or longer will likely require more formal dress options to choose from.