Hit the Road: Fun Day Trips from Auckland

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Auckland is full of great things to see and do, but there are also some fantastic day trips that you can make during your stay in the city. If you've rented a car for your holiday, you'll easily be able to make any of the following day trips, each of which will provide you with a glimpse into the stunning and diverse landscapes that surround the city.

Tawharanui Regional Park

Tawharanui Regional Park is nearly 600 hectares in size and is a place where you will enjoy some truly exceptional natural scenery. With views over Kawau Island, beautiful beaches to explore and interesting bird species like the Kereru and Bellbirds to spot, it is a great place to spend the day. It's only 90 km from Auckland, so once you've arranged your car rental at Auckland airport, it's an easy hour-and-a-half drive.

The Waitakere Ranges

If hiking is your thing, you're in the right place. The Waitakere Ranges are within easy reach of Auckland, and you will be able to enjoy a whole day of hiking when you drive west out of the city and head towards Titirangi. This is an attractive village and it is a good place to stop for a rest.

From here, it is not far to the Waitakere Ranges, a volcanic range with beautiful rainforests where there are plenty of hiking trails. The rugged black-sand beaches here are also spectacular, and they offer something quite different from the beaches that you'll find on the east coast.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Valley

Whakarewarewa is an ancient settlement that is situated in an area of geothermal activity. It is just over 200 km away from Auckland, so it's quite a long drive, but you will find plenty here to make it worth the trip. There are 500 pools and a number of active geysers to see, as well as Te Puia, which is a Māori fortress.

Awhitu Peninsula

Awhitu Peninsula is about half the distance from Auckland as Whakarewarewa, and it is an easy drive to get there. Highlights here include exploring Awhitu Regional Park and visiting Kariotahi Beach. There are other small beaches to discover as well, making it a great place to explore for a day.


Helensville is a small historic town, with a pleasant atmosphere, and is the perfect place to go for a stroll and to relax. The Pioneer Museum is worth a visit here, as is the Aquatic Park, which you will find at Parakai Springs. It's located about 50 km from Auckland, making it an easy day trip.

Get Behind the Wheel and See New Zealand

The area surrounding Auckland is absolutely stunning, and the above suggestions are only a few of the day trips that you could make when you stay in the city. There are plenty more road trips that you could arrange, but the above are some of the best to keep in mind when you rent a car in New Zealand, to enjoy seeing the best of this stunning country.

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