Travel and Health – How to avoid Jet lag

 Crossing time zones frequently leads to jet lag, asides fatigue and insomnia. The person may experience diarrhea,confusion, anxiety, constipation, dehydration, irritability, headache, and sweating.  Here’s some tips how to avoid Jet Lag.
- Get plenty of sleep before you begin your trip. Stay well hydrated before, during the flight.
- Keeping in social activities can also help your body clock adjust.
- To stay awake, eat protein and vegetables and avoid starchy foods like rice, pastas, and bread.
- Keep yourself moving and stretching your body as much as possible to avoid swollen ankles and boost your circulation while in flight. 
- Change your watch to the new time. When you arrive at your destination, adjust your eating and sleeping schedule to the new time zone. 
- If you simply can’t stay awake until evening on the day you arrive, nap for no more than an hour or two.