Bohol is as one of the most visited provinces in the Philippines. You can find many places and do many things in the Island of Bohol.

River Cruise at Loboc River
It’s a must try for first timers to eat lunch and unwind in the floating restaurant while cruising along the Loboc River.
The Chocolate Hills 
This site is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.These are perfectly cone-shaped hills of about the same size where the grass turns brown in the summer.
Learn about the Tarsiers 
The Philippine tarsier, (Tarsius syrichta) are smallest primate and the most well-known features of these creatures are their eyes which are bulging and are bigger than the entire brain.

Panglao Island
Walk along the stretch of Alona beach Panglao Island has a lot to offer - snorkeling, diving, trekking or just simply beach bumming.
Buy Bohol's Native Pasalubong
Try Bohol's Calamay and Peanut Kisses, which could easily be bought in Pasalubong Centers and Supermarkets.
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