Go To More Than One Location In Italy On Holiday

Italy is an ancient country blessed with beautiful weather, stunning scenery and a rich culture. The historic attractions are mind-blowing, the art is exquisite and culturally it is hard to beat.

So where to go?
Why not base your trip around a number of destinations? For example, you could pick one of the regions and travel to different locations within that region. Take Sardinia, for example, which could be a fantastic option for a holiday.

All about Sardinia
The island of Sardinia is the second largest in the Mediterranean behind Sicily. It is full of beautiful beaches and countryside, and it has its own unique feel to it compared to the rest of Italy, making it a popular destination on Italy multi-centre holidays like those provided by specialists Bellarome.

It could be just as suitable for a family break as a romantic getaway, and it is one of the most popular regions to discover on a holiday in Italy.

So where should you go in Sardinia to see more of this region?

Alghero is in the west of Sardinia, and it is known far and wide for its spectacular beaches and delicious cuisine. It is a beach resort that also combines culture. The popular old town has narrow streets, caf├ęs and seafood restaurants where you wander, eat and people watch.

There are many historic monuments to see here, including the Cattedrale di Santa Maria Immacolata di Alghero, Torre del Portal, Madonna del Santo Rosario and more.

Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia, and it is a good base for exploring the rest of the island. This culturally rich city is full of Art Nouveau architecture, and it is also home to the Poetto beach, which stretches for nine kilometres.

Castello is the historic area of the city, and it is situated on a hill with stunning views. You should also see the two 13th-century towers of the city walls, the cathedral, the Basilica of San Saturnino and the Sardinian Archaeological Museum.

Costa Smeralda
The Costa Smeralda is a coastal area that stretches for over 50 kilometres and is very popular with tourists. The white sand, blue sea, golf clubs and posh hotels attract people throughout the summer months, including celebrities. Some of the towns to visit here include Capriccioli, Baia Sardinia and Porto Cervo.

Olbia is in the northeast of Sardinia, and it is very easy to reach due to its transport links. In fact, this is the main place where people arrive when travelling from Italy, so you could easily hop over to the mainland from here and continue your tour.

When you arrive here, there are plenty of things to see. These include the old walls, La Maddalena island, the Sa Testa holy well and the Roman baths, making it a fascinating place to stay for a few days.

See the best of Sardinia
You can see many of the above places when you head to Sardinia, but this is just one example and the same is true for anywhere in Italy. You do not have to stick to one place, and instead you could travel around to see a number of locations.

This is just an example of one region, but other regions to visit include Umbria, Tuscany, Sicily, Abruzzo and Lazio. So have a think about which region you would like to see on your holiday, or talk to travel specialists who will be able to offer suggestions.

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  1. For sure, Italy has a lot to offer and it's an excellent idea to visit more locations.