Ziplining Is Rapidly Becoming One Of The Fastest Growing Adventure Tourism Activities In Bohol

Ziplining is rapidly becoming one of the fastest rising adventure tourism activities in Bohol that gives the traveler the enjoyable feeling of freedom. 

In Bohol, Ziplines come in a many different names. Loboc names theirs, the Zipline, Pilar calls theirs; the Sky Ride, Danao calls theirs the Suislide,while Catigbian calls their ride The mountain Slide. The most recent outdoor attractions related to ziplining is the Bike Zip in Chocolate Hills Adventure Park in Carmen.
The Zipline
Bike Zip
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Suislide (Danao) 
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The Mountain Slide (Catigbian)
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The Sky Ride (Pilar )
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 Ziplining is also known by other names “an inclined strong,” “flying fox,” and “Tyrolean Crossing.”