Bohol Rice Terraces

Bohol, home of the world- famous Chocolate Hills, presently one of the country’s most well-known tourist destinations from powdery white sandy beaches and classy resorts, eco- adventures , and cultural heritage. 

Sierra Bullones Rice Terraces newest tourist attractions in Bohol located in Sierra Bullones, Bohol.
The Wonderful Rice Terraces of Sierra Bullones, Bohol
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The rice terraces of Sierra Bullones, Bohol are not listed with the wonders of the world but, however, they are very amazing. The hard work of the farmers has carved this landscape.

How to get there: 
* If you’re coming from Cebu, you can take the fast craft (Ocean Jet around P500). The travel time is less than 2 hours.
* From the Tagbilaran port, you ride a tricycle to the bus terminal in Dao.
* At the terminal, you ride a bus/van headed to Sierra Bullones. The travel time is around 2 hours.