Florida Isn't Your Only Option: 5 Relocation Options for Retirees

After 45 years or so of hard work, long days, and taxing responsibilities, you get to retire and spend the rest of your days relaxing. Some fear that moving to Florida, otherwise known as Retiree Heaven, is the only option. Although Florida is one of the best places to live for retirees who love fun, sun, golf, and relaxation, there are many exciting options that don't take place down south.

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Look for a Better Economy

Retirement sometimes inspires financial worries, because even if you have a 401(K) or an IRA, you realize that you have a finite amount of money. Some retirees are on fixed incomes, and a major worry is how they're going to live. You may still choose to move, but Florida is not the only state available to you.
Start researching the economies in different cities, towns, and states that appeal to you. If you love the idea of warm weather, consider a state like Tennessee, Kentucky, or Georgia. Areas in Arizona are notoriously affordable as well. If you enjoy more temperate climates where you get all four seasons, think about New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, or even a mid-western spot in Wyoming or North Dakota.

Hop in Your RV

Adventurous retirees who still want to live frugally often do very well in recreational vehicles. You may have to splurge on an RV that suits your tastes and size preferences, but after that the open road awaits. With so many affordable RV camps, you can live permanently on the road while enjoying all the comforts of home—even Internet access, TV, and cable.

Start a Nomadic Retirement

If you love adventure and know you'll have a disposable income, you can become even more nomadic. Instead of moving around in an RV, you can spend your retirement in different places where you've always wanted to live. You may want to spend the fall in rainy, refreshing Washington state, the winter in a warmer climate, like Texas or Louisiana, the spring in New York state or New England, and the summer in the open country of Michigan's upper peninsula. You can do this by renting furnished homes or apartments, as there's no need to buy a home in all your favorite areas.

Move Yourself Overseas

Your retirement years offer the freedom to do and see things you never had time to experience. If you always dreamed of living in Beijing, Bali, Belgium, or other places around the world, now is your chance. Moving to a foreign country exposes you to new cultures and traditions, and it's an excellent way to spend your retirement. You'll still get to learn and experience amazing things.

Downsize Your Home

You may not want to move from your town, but still worry about your finances or the size of your house, especially if you're living alone or just with your spouse. This is an ideal time to downsize your home. You can save if you have a smaller space, and if you've raised your family, you don't need massive square footage. However, you still get the familiarity of the neighborhood you love.

Retirement no longer means automatically packing up and moving to Florida for a life of leisure. Your life isn't over, and there are many options for adventure.