Top 5 Language Translation Apps to Help You on Your Next Trip

There’s nothing worse than going to a foreign country and not being able to speak their language. What if there are complications with your hotel booking and four of you end up in a room meant for two? Or you can’t read a menu at a restaurant and you mistakenly order a big serve of cow hooves? Not knowing the language of the country you’re in is not only inconvenient, but it’s not safe either! Thankfully, advances in technology means there’s a myriad of language translation apps to help you on your next trip.
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You no longer have to take a pile of books with you and thumb through page after page just to ask where the toilet is.

1. iTranslate

This is currently one of the most popular free apps on the market. Words and phrases can be translated into 80 languages, and you can choose whether you hear a male or female voice. You can even control the speed at which it plays back. In most languages a word can differ in meaning depending on its context. iTranslate provides you with different meanings of a word. Another plus is the Romanization component that transforms non-English characters into English. There's also an option to upgrade to a premium version. With this, you don't have to type - the app will transform your voice to text, then translate!

2. Google Translate

Also free, this Google app is for both Android and iOS. It also translates between 80 languages, but unlike iTranslate, you can feel free to type, write, speak or take a picture with text in it and let it translate for you - without having to pay extra. One feature that makes it a wise choice is its ability to translate offline, meaning that you don't have to be connected to the internet!

3. Bing Translator

This app is Microsoft's answer to its iOS and Android counterparts. Like Google Translate, it's free with no need to purchase extras, and you can type, speak or take a picture and get your translation, whether you are online or offline. Unlike Google Translate, however, you can only translate between 40 languages.

4. SpeakText

The basic version is free, but there are several indispensable in-app purchases that exceed the features of many other apps. This includes allowing you to translate web pages or documents simply by touching or highlighting text – useful for reading online newspapers and keeping up with the goings-on of the locals. Offline translation is available and you can alter the speed of playback.

5. Verbalizelt

For something different, this is an app that connects you to a real-life translator! It works on the basis of a human understanding context better than any electronic program. This is pricey at $10 for 5 minutes, but you will receive a discount for longer periods of time. This app is particularly handy for more crucial situations like business meetings where meanings can't be lost in translation!

There you have it. With so many more products on the market, there are countless translation options for you when you’re abroad. If you want that personal touch while on a business trip, however, check out travel agents such as Corporate Traveller. With a 24 hour emergency assisttance service, you’ll always be confident and trouble-free no matter where you are in the world!