Top Ways That Can Help You To Afford A Holiday

Everybody deserves a holiday, right? Of course you do! Working hard and taking care of your family day in, day out, can be exhausting! Holidays are a great way to let off some steam and enjoy some true relaxation, away from the stress of everyday life.
However, sometimes, the idea of a holiday is much easier said than done, and in some cases, is a mere pipedream. After all, holidays cost money and, with the economy the way that it is, having disposable money to spend on a vacation is a tall order. According to the Telegraph, one in four Brits will forgo a summer holiday this year because of financial strain and concerns when it comes to affordability.

That being said, there are plenty of ways in which you can afford to escape with your loved ones. From cutting back on luxuries to using Avios points to buy your flights, here are some things that can help.
  • Last minute bookings can seriously reduce the cost of your holiday. You will need to be flexible about the dates you’re after, and willing to head for the airport at the drop of a sunhat, but if you’re able to do that, last minute is a great way to book!
  • If you use credit cards on a day-to-day basis, sign up for a specialist one that can provide plenty of perks that are perfect for an avid traveller. The Lloyds Bank Avios Reward credit card, for example, offers you the ability to collect Avios points every time you use it, both at home and away. It’s also an ideal credit card to use abroad too, with 0% interest on purchases and no foreign transaction fees.
  • Cut back on your utilities, by being a little more energy savvy around the home. Turning lights off when you’re not using them, switching appliances off at the mains and reducing the thermostat (easy in this weather!) can help you to save money every month.
  • Stick to a shopping list when you’re in the supermarket. Consider buying cheaper alternatives rather than the premium brands and use a weekly meal plan to help you spend less money on food each week.
  • Cancel the gym membership, because this can be a hefty monthly expenditure – especially if you don’t use it enough to justify the expense. Exercise for free, instead, by walking, running or cycling.
  • Walking everywhere will also help you to reduce your reliance on the car, which in turn, will lower the amount you spend on petrol each month!
  • If you’re worrying about spending money once you’re there, think about what you can do that won’t cost as much. Do you need all of those expensive excursions and souvenirs? Probably not – just hit the beach or the pool!
  • Off-peak travel can bring flight costs right down. Consider flying a day or two before, or after, your chosen departure date and you may see massive changes in price.
Holidays needn't cost a fortune – they can be done on a budget, if you know how!