Wi-Fi Dogs Let The Most Absurd Wi-Fi Hunt Begin

Good news! There is now a solution to your Wi-Fi troubles while travelling abroad: Jose’s Wi-Fi dogs to the rescue! See, Jose trains his dogs to help tourists find the most difficult of hunts: the ever-unobtainable free Wi-Fi signal. We all know dogs have a special ability for tracking, so why not use their natural talents to help us get connected? It’s one of the craziest and sensible start-ups of the year!

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is. :) It’s actually an amusing campaign creatively offering mobile internet for your holidays. Inspired by the strange things people will do to find free Wi-Fi abroad, the company set out to entertain us with a story that has a ridiculous premise. To be honest, as avid tourists, for a moment there we bought into it! (We wouldn't mind a little Chihuahua telling us where to connect to free internet.)
Reminding us what we should focus on our trip – and no, it’s not free Wi-Fi!
We remember all too well the many times when we despaired for a good Wi-Fi connection – to text our friends and family, check our email, go on our social media and of course, to update the blog on travel experiences. Yes, we 21st century tourists are all guilty of this! You can’t help but laugh at the silliness of this video, from the idea, to the clearly disorganized training system, and not to mention the little funny jokes they put in there. Jose is difficult to understand, but that’s part of what makes this video and idea hilarious. There are other parts to this series, so soon, we will be training our own little Wi-Fi hunters!
Quick - he’s found the Wi-Fi connection!
You can’t miss out on this hilarious campaign! Check out the video below to see Jose and his family hard at work training the Wi-Fi dogs. Enjoy the laughs and view more of the Wi-Fi Dogs/Travel videos!
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