Travelling is an exhilarating and unforgettable way to learn more about the world, realize how different people think live and open your eyes to new ideas and experiences that help you learn so much about yourself too! Sounds pretty awesome, right? Even though your friends might jet-off on a whim, travelling actually takes a lot of preparation. Whether you’re travelling for the first time or you've been to all sorts of places, check out these top tips for travelling when you’re a teen.

1. Go First with Family then with Friends
Okay, okay, we know that you might find your family a bit of a drag but travelling on your own or with friends for the first time, especially to somewhere far away, can be pretty daunting. One great way to ease yourself into it is by going on a family holiday but breaking away with your siblings or friends or even on your own for a little bit and then returning to meet them (if you feel like it!).
2. Plan your Trips
The world is a big place and there is an awful lot to see. So getting an itinerary planned can be quite a challenge. But the key thing to do is to get stuck into it. The first thing to do is work out your time constraints in one given place. The next is to list the main things you want to do. It is then that you can piece together a route for your trip. For example, if you wanted to include Melbourne and Adelaide in your trip of Australia then you will find the Great Ocean Road in between so you can add some famous places to your itinerary.
3. Consider a Gap Year
A great way for teens to travel is during a gap year before university or college starts. It’s becoming an increasingly popular option as if you use your gap year well and gain some work experience or learn while travelling (rather than playing on the Xbox) then you can show potential employers that you’re self-driven and can manage your time well. Check out companies like Real Gap who manage some great volunteer opportunities in dozens of different destinations to give you a truly unique experience!
4. Do Things Differently
Travelling is all about building on your life’s experiences. If you want a break, take a holiday! Travelling is for the explorers so don’t be afraid to do things differently and tread the unbeaten path. Venture into secret locations and hidden gems and stay at a fancy boutique hotel or even Air BnB rather than a chain resort. It’s all a learning curve that might be nerve-wrecking but that you’ll be all the more grateful for when you return home!