Experience The Excitement and Thrill of Riding a Bike on a Zip line at Bohol's Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

One of the famous outdoor attractions now in Bohol is the Bike Zip is a 275-meter long zip line, 150 ft. above the ground, using a mountain bike to cross from one hill to another. After all suiting up with helmet and harness, I climbed the stairs going up to the tower. The bicycle, minus the rubber tires, is securely joined to the zip line.

 I personally experienced the breathtaking adventure. The ride was scary at first and it’s really difficult for me to paddle the bike, my knees was shaking as I had this feeling that, at any moment, my bike would fall off from the zip line.( as in huminto talaga ako sa gitna at sumingaw ng tulong....TULONG!!!! waaaahhhhh) It took some time to for me to feel at ease with the ride but, once I got the feel for it, the ride slowly became enjoyable and exciting.

The ride truly gave me a different experience of seeing the famous Chocolate Hills.

Aside from the Bike Zip I also tried the Hanging bridge and Earthquake.

The park has a 9-course rope challenge adventure course – “Islands in the Sky,” “Burma Loops,” “Burma Planks,” “Hanging Bridge” (2 stages), “Earthquake,” “Vine Walk,” “Jacob’s Walk,” “Tyrolean” and  the “Zipline.” 

How to get there: 
* If you’re coming from Cebu, you can take the fast craft (Ocean Jet around P500). The travel time is less than 2 hours.
* From the Tagbilaran port, you ride a tricycle to the bus terminal in Dao.
 * At the terminal, you ride a bus/van headed to Carmen. The travel time is 45 minutes to one hour. The bus will stop at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park.

Other Options
* From Cebu, you can take the M/V Star Craft to Tubigon port. 
* From the Tubigon port, you ride a multicab/bus (P50 per person) to Poblacion Carmen.
* From Poblacion Carmen, you ride a bus headed to Tagbilaran City and ask the driver to drop you off at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park.