GAP Farming Resort, Mindanao’s Land of Promise

Welcoming visitors to GAP Farm
Upon entering Gap Farm, a huge concrete statue of a farmer riding on a carabao. One of the main attractions in Gap Farm is the huge imprint of the phrase "Land of Promise" which is easily visible while on-board an airplane.
Gap Farming Resort is purely a farm resort with tropical trees, various fruit bearing trees and botanical gardens. The resort has an large swimming pool, horseback riding facilities, convention hall, and picnic areas. Historical and mythical statues , a parade of sculptured animals, a row of Philippine president busts, different tribes of Mindanao are among the many others attractions visitors will find within the Resort.
A parade of Philippine animals
A parade of different busts of Philippine Heroes
Life-size statues representing the different tribes of Mindanao
A parade of popular mystical folklore creatures
Visitors are shown of different statues of popular Philippine ghosts and monsters like the white lady, "tikbalang" (half man-half horse), and "kapre" (smoking giant), among others
Embedded to the ground is a large statue of "Juan Tamad"
Concrete benches can be found all over GAP Farm
How to get there 
GAP Farm is located in the hilly part of Green Valley, Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City, and is about 20 minute drive from downtown Davao City.

If you are staying in the Davao City proper, ride a jeep going to Maa (St. Francis of Assissi Parish) and hire a tricycle/habal-habal going to GAP farm. Entrance fee is only Php 40.00. 


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