Review: Resorts World’s Mercado

Buffet in Manila has always been associated with Dad’s World Buffet (AKA Saisaki-Dad’s-Kamayan). Some foodies consider it as the epitome of a good budget buffet, which is why people can’t help but compare it to budding smorgasbord restaurants. Is Resort’s World’s Mercado Restaaurant worth every peso? Let’s find out in this article. 

Resorts World is one of the classiest casinos in Metro Manila. It may be smaller than the newly-opened City of Dreams when it comes to land area but Resort’s World definitely exudes elegance. As one could expect from a restaurant that’s located inside a stylish casino, Mercado’s ambiance is beautiful and well-designed. The problem, however, lies in its location. Mercado is located just beside the gaming area of Resorts World, so expect to smell smoke from some people who play slot machines and table games. Mercado is a reminder why some people today choose to play web-based live table games pioneered by Gaming Realms, whose titles are reflected on its entertainment hub. When you play via the Internet, you’d still smell like a million dollars even after losing a big bet. If you don’t like the smell of cigar, you may try eating at a restaurant located on Resorts World’s mall area. 

Mercado’s food is top-notch. It offers delectable dishes that can only be found in Filipino fine dining restaurants. Sometimes, the restaurant offers “themed” days such as “Seafood Thursdays” so if you want to eat unlimited fresh seafood, go there on a Thursday. The highlight of Mercado is its Lechon de Leche, whose taste rivals the roasted pig of even the most popular Lechon restaurants in Metro Manila. Mercado doesn’t have a fixed menu so guests will always have something new to look forward to with each visit. 

Buffet prices differ depending on the day, time, and theme. The regular price is around P600, but it can go as high as 700+. For a 600-peso buffet, the food and the number of choices aren't that bad, especially since the restaurant is conveniently located inside a hotel and casino. But if you want choices that exceed 100 dishes, Dad’s World Buffet is the place to be. Mercado’s food is great, but the restaurant’s limited choices and location keep it from having a perfect score. If you want good food after a tiring night of casino gaming, Mercado can help you hit the spot.