Leona's Art Restaurant at Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Last February 11, 2015, me, and friends met up for Mark birthday celebration?( Basta naisipan lang kumain, diba? ) we tried Leona Art Restaurant at Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. Leona Art Restaurant is a old-fashioned pizza house naturally hidden because the place looks like one of those residential places that are converted to become a restaurant. 
with Roy, Mark, Jeff and Rocky
Anyway, for 499 Php (10 inches) they will serve  take 3 pizza promo of their pizzas: Three Cheese, Pepperoni and classic pizza and we add chicken & pesto pasta. Since we were all bitin ayon umorder ulit. (patay gutom lang!)
Chicken & Pesto Pasta
Garlic and Mushroom
Inside, they also have this section where they display various pieces of art decorations, and accessories.
The restaurant is rather small so I would recommend that you call them first to reserve should you be with a large group of friends. 

Leona Art Restaurant
45 Matimtiman Street, Teacher's Village
Quezon City, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 929 7490