Hang On to That Holiday Feeling!

Preparing for a holiday can be stressful, and sometimes it’s hard to keep a hold of that pre-holiday excitement, which seems to come in waves of euphoria, followed by ‘have I forgotten something?’ thoughts. It’s important to hold onto it, because we work hard for our time away, and letting stress and worry get in the way of it means you’re defeating the object of all that hard work and saving up!
Luckily there are a few ways you can manage to keep a hold of that pre-holiday excitement, whilst also managing to get everything done and organized prior to going away.

Here’s how.

Think About Everything Well in Advance

When I book a holiday, I book everything at that time, including how I’m geetting to the airport. I’ve come to realize that the sooner everything is booked and confirmed, the calmer I feel as a result.

Make Travel Enjoyable

This might sound like an unachievable aim, but if you can manage to enjoy the getting from A to B part of your holiday then you’re going to start on the best foundation possible. For instance, have you considered staying at an airport hotel to give yourself a good night’s rest prior to travel? I find this is a great idea to beat early flights and add a bit of pizzazz to your travel day. You’ll find facilities at most large airports, including a selection of great value Liverpool Airport hotels, so nobody misses out.

Manage Your Tasks

There’s no denying that before you go away you have all manner of things to do, such as packing for example, and it’s easy to forget something if you’re not organized. Make use of a holiday checklist, so you can see that you’ve not forgotten something important, and you’ll get a kick out of ticking everything off.


Don’t take all the tasks on your own shoulders, make sure you spread the workload a little! Why should you be the one to shoulder all the responsibility whilst everyone else gets to look forward in anticipation?

Don’t Leave Everything Until the Last Minute

I’m talking packing, printing everything out, making sure everyone has everything they need ready for the morning of travel day – spread it throughout the days prior to going away, and don’t leave it all until the night before so you’re not running around like a headless chicken, stressed, and not likely to sleep.

Pre-holiday excitement is part of the buzz of going away, and if you can keep a hold of it, even when you’re struggling with a checklist of things to do as long as your arm, you’ll be much more likely to jump straight into holiday mode when travel day arrives.