Tips for Traveling Solo

Have you ever tried traveling alone? Travelling alone can seem scary from the comfort of home. What happens if you get trapped somewhere? Here are some tips for traveling solo.
  • Do research the destination before you go.
  • Plan your itinerary out of sight. Plan your itinerary of things you want to see  and do,either before you travel.
  • Always do your reservations at least one week before you visit the place to avail some cheap vacation.
  • Don't over-pack your bags. Only take what you extremely need for your trip.
  • Know how long it takes and how much it costs. Solo travelers are more likely to be taken for a ride.So ask the cab driver how much it will charge before you leave.
  • Keep cellphone on hand at all times when traveling.
  • Take a fully charged of your cellphone, maps, some extra money and credit card and the phone number of someone to call in an emergency.
Happy trip!