What Accommodation to Choose In Singapore If You Want To Live Like a Rock Star

It could be Singapore Botanic Gardens or Underwater World that brought you to Singapore. Regardless of the reason, your stay will be so much more memorable if, for the period you stay there, you choose to live like a rock star. Below are accommodations in Singapore that will offer you the rock star feel once you walk inside them.
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1. Hard Rock Hotel

Do you remember that rumour you heard about a hotel that lets you have a guitar in their rooms? Well, it is not a rumour. Guests staying at the Hard Rock Hotel can rent a Fender guitar as they check in. The guests have a range of 20 guitars that they can choose from.

The guitar comes with its set of headphones, so your eardrums set the only limit to how loud and how long you can play. Other rock star perks that the guests are offered include:

• Streaming music for free
• Learning how to look like a rock star
• Access to a 24-hour gym and much more

2. W Sentosa

The W Sentosa hotel has a suite called the Wow Suite. It is furnished in purple and marble, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The lighting and the design are beyond eye-catching. Behind its walls are a standalone bar and a semi-circular sofa.

A peek into the bathroom will reveal a chandelier hanging over a circular bath. You also get a very comfortable daybed and a designer exercise bike. As if that is not enough, you have access to two hot tubs; one inside and the other outside your room. With this room, you can bring out the rock star within you.

3. Le Sereno Hotel

Each room of this hotel is set in a way that gives you the experience of being the only guest there. You will hardly ever hear your neighbours. If you choose to have your breakfast at the hotel, it will be delivered to your veranda every morning. The hotel is located on a beach, and you have access to both the beach and a pool.

4. Starkies suite

The suite is found in Raffles hotel. Behind the doors, you will find a nice 1930, hand woven Iranian carpet. On the antique dining table, you will find elegant silverware and china. Outside the door that leads to the veranda of the master’s bedroom, you will find a large space. Standing on it, you will have a clear view of the palm court and the hotel’s very own garden that is lined with palm trees.

5. Shangri-La Suite

As a guest staying at the Shangri-La suite of the Hotel Shangri-La, you will have your personal entry way and a personal elevator to the suite. In addition to that, your inner rock star will be treated to a His and Hers dressing room, a gym and sauna. A rock star has to look good, right?

You will also have your personalized pillowcases, bathrobes, and stationery for when your imagination kicks in. As if that is not enough, you will have an around the clock butler.

6. Colonial Manor

It is found inside the Capella Singapore resort and spa. The exterior has a 19th-century colonial look but inside lie tastefully designed rooms. The rooms have been furnished with a mix of greige, which is a mixture of gray and beige. The decorations in these rooms are ancient Asian artefacts. You have access to your very own private garden and pool. If all this is too ordinary for your rock star taste, you will also have the company of peacocks, and you will be picked up at the airport in a Mercedes.

7. New Majestic Hotel

Each of the rooms in this hotel has funky art installations all of which are done by artists from Singapore. They are also furnished with electric vintage and designer pieces. Inside the bathrooms are Kiehl’s shower amenities for a refreshing shower. For those who have a rock star desire coupled with kinky sex drive, you can live out your fantasies at the kinkily designed parlour.

A rock star desire has to be accompanied by a rock star lifestyle at least once in a lifetime. The accommodations in Singapore mentioned above will give you the feeling of being an actual rock star in Singapore.