Holiday In Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination and has been attracting large numbers of tourists to her shores. One of Thailand’s many attractions is her beautiful white sand beaches and clear blue water. Other attractions include rock climbing, elephant trekking, rafting, kayaking, snorkelling and sun-bathing.
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Another sightseeing attractions of Thailand are the famous Royal Palace and many temples with beautiful designs and craftsmanship. Every visitor to Thailand looks forward to the affordable and delicious food to satisfy their culinary cravings. Thailand’s other attractions include breath-taking landscapes e.g. the rugged and beautiful mountainous jungle terrain, friendly people, National Park, the many preserved ancient wats or ruins, floating markets and etc.

Thailand also enjoys a blooming medical travel industry. The high quality healthcare facilities and the highly qualified and experienced doctorsin Thailand are attracting patients from all over the world. Many of the certified specialists and doctors were trained abroad. The doctors and medical staffs are able to speak and communicate in fluent English and language is not a problem between patients and doctors.

Most of the private medical hospitals are found in popular tourist destinations. Many tourists cum patients came for surgical procedures e.g. gender reassignment to heart procedures. There are also patients seeking dental or medical treatment and many have benefited from cosmetic or plasticsurgery in Thailand. Tourists cum patients can choose from the different affordable medical package that includes accommodation in luxury hotels providing all the facilities and needs for the patient’s recuperation after their surgery.