How To Drive a Horse Trailer To Ensure Safety For Horses

Driving safety is quite necessary and is the foundation of the good driving skills. It's important to drive evry vehicle, whether it is a bike, car or a horse trailer as safely as you can. When you go out on the road with your horses, whether on a short trip or a long one,you are putting your horses in a certain amount of danger. Moreover, driving a car, bus or even a truck is quite different from driving with a hitched horse trailer.  Thus, you must follow the vital safety rules for driving the horse trailers.

Here are the top safety tips for driving the horse trailers.

Condition of the Driving vehicle and Trailer
While you do not need the combination of your vehicle and the horse trailer to be new every time you go out with your horses, but, both should be in the good working condition and the tow vehicle that you are using must be aptly rated for towing the horse trailer and its load.
Also, while driving a horse trailer, you are not able to accelerate quickly and these problems get enhanced, when you are close to your towing capacity. Thus, give proper attention to your towing capacity before starting the journey.

Practice Driving the Rig Without the Horse

If the horse tailoring is new to you, it's important that you first practice driving the rig before actually hitting the road with the horse. Practising with the rig will help you understand how to back, turn and park the vehicle with the trailer. Driving with the trailers is bit different and you must be aware of the different techniques. For instance, a longer trailer is easier to back as compared to a short trailer. Similarly, a tag-along trailer with a long tongue is easier to back when compared with the one with a short tongue.

Selection of the Hitch

The selection of the right hitch is quite significant for driving the trailers safely.If you are using a tag-along trailer, you must use a Class III or Class IV hitch which is welded or bolted to the tow vehicle’s frame. Furthermore, whether you are towing a gooseneck horse trailer or a tag-along trailer, it must be in a good working condition, and the safety chains or cables should be hooked to the tow-vehicle.

Check the Tire Pressure

Before you start your journey,check the pressure in the tires of both, the trailer and the tow vehicle. Uneven or improper pressure is usually responsible or most of the towing problems. The low tire pressure is often the cause of tire failures in the horse trailers.

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