Tips For Planning Your Eurotrip

Are you planning a road trip through Europe? There are just so many great locations to visit, that planning can quickly become overwhelming. Although it may feel impossible to organize, here are a few suggestions when it comes to planning your trip.


With so many places to visit, it’s important to prioritize. Many people try to fit too many cities into their Eurotrip, which make it difficult to really take in all the wonders each European city has to offer. The best thing to do is map out the places and sites you are most interested in seeing. We recommend the following cities: Florence, Budapest, Vienna, London,

Edinburgh and a personal favorite, Paris. These have been described as some of the most magnificent locations to visit by tourists.

Once you have selected the cities make sure to get information on each of the city's most treasured sites and activities.


Once you’ve decided the destinations, it’s time to prepare your budget. Know how much money you cEnjoyend overall. Then start making reservations for airfare and hotels.

Your airfare should be the first thing you budget. By doing it online, it allows you to save time and often, money. When making reservations for airline tickets or train tickets, make sure to travel from one city to the next nearest city on your list. For example a flightfrom London to Paris might be the way to go and then continue your travels by train. However, if you are hopping from the UK, catch the flights Edinburgh Paris, as they are very well priced and can help keep your budget in check.

Once you’ve created your main itinerary, get into the details such as hotel reservations and sightseeing. Be sure to take into account the amount of time that each site requires as well as the travel time to and fro. This way you can enjoy your visit without feeling rushed.

It’s not necessary to pre-plan the small stuff, such as restaurants or clubs, unless there are special spots you’d like to visit.


This part is essential as the whole trip relies on you having all your documents up to date. If you don’t have a passport, plan ahead as it take between four to six weeks from application to arrival. If you already have a passport, check the expiration date ahead of time. If you plan on driving, make sure your driver’s license is up to date as well.

If you come from a country that participates in the EU, it will not be necessary to show documentation when travelling from the border of one EU country to another.


Another way to unwind before your trip is to pack your bags with time. Choose the clothes you want to take with you. Usually when we travel we tend to overpack - avoid this by taking only the essentials.


The last step is to enjoy your Eurotrip! Now that everything is planned out, take in the moment and let things flow. Take time to appreciate all the amazing places you will visit and make sure to interact with all the friendly native people and learn about their cultures.