The Top Things to do in Doha

Qatar is a booming country in the heart of the Middle East. The capital city of Doha has blossomed into an international hub of tourism and industry.
Image credit to Jovanne
Shopping in Souq Waqif and Luxury Shopping Malls
Shopping in Doha is a incredible experience. Souq Waqif is one of the most popular traditional marketplaces in the Doha, Qatar. They’re selling everything from jewelry and spices, to colourful textiles and handmade carpets.

Or enjoy the extravagance of Doha’s luxury shopping malls, a great place for some retail in Doha. The City Center Mall and Mall of Qatar offers international luxury and retail stores. Or visit the Villagio Mall, an Italian themed shopping and entertainment. The roof painted with incredible architecture design that looks like an open sky.

Learn the Heritage and Culture of Qatar
Learn the heritage and culture of Qatar. The several towers of the ancient times are facts to the architectural and wealth of the ancient civilizations that once lived in Qatar.

Explore into Arts, Culture and Religion
The Museum of Islamic Arts. You will find the world's finest set of Persian rugs, wood carvings, mosaic and artworks.

A walk along Doha’s Corniche
Take a walk on the Doha Corniche from the iconic pearl on the Oyster monument, to the dhow wharf and breathtaking skyline. A 7-kilometer waterside walkway and park, the Corniche stretches along the entire length of Doha.

Cruise on a Dhow
If you are visiting Doha don’t miss to take a cruise on a traditional sailboat known as Dhow . Depart from the Pearl islands and going to the Doha Corniche, the skyline of Doha is simply magnificent. (Image credit to BabAl Shams)

Go Sand Dune Bashing
Make sure that you experience this kind of adventure that you’ll only experience only in a desert. Lots of shop where you can rent ATVs and they offered us lower price. No entrance fees but you need to pay QR 200 for an hour ride.
The excitement is extreme and the thrill is high. Need to be careful in slowing down. Otherwise, sand will trap its wheels and you’ll have a trouble getting out. Don’t forget to wear appropriate clothing and sunscreen