Mahogany Market at Tagaytay

A visit at Tagaytay will not be complete without a trip to Mahogany market. It is a place where you can enjoy the tasty Bulalo. They use fresh beef and bone marrow every time they cook to result a flavorful Bulalo soup.
Each serving costs 300 pesos in which it is already good for 4-5 persons. Plus the soup is refillable, so, sip all you want!
When you eat here, you also get to eat all the bananas for free!

The Mahogany Market is also a one stop shop for fresh fruits in season, healthy veggies, herbs in pots, flowering plants, the famous dried tawilis.

How to get there

from Tagaytay Rotonda or junction, just go straight to the road going to Batangas. When you reach the Petron gasoline station, take the road going right and look for the Hall of Justice building which is also located at the right side of the road. Mahogany Market is at the back of that building. From there, all you have to do is choose which stall to eat at and enjoy.