2,000 Ocean of Stars in Clarin, Bohol

LED lights have been on this year. Trending 10,000 white roses in the city of Cordova in Cebu , 20,000 Roses and Tulips of Jardin Necitas in Pilar, Bohol, 1,200 Umbrellas in Jetafe, Bohol and 30,000 Anthuriums of Sua Peak in Inabanga, Bohol.
But now at the time of Christmas, here is a town of Clarin, Bohol that has sank 2,000 "Ocean of Stars". It has two thousand colored Christmas lanterns are blown away and it forms stars. There are no LED light bulbs per lantern but big light bulbs displayed instead. The best time to come is at night so that you can fully appreciate the place. 

Inviting everyone who are in Bohol and those who are visiting or planning to visit Bohol.

How to get there
It takes around two hours from City of Tagbilaran to get in touch the town of Clarin, Bohol. If you wish to travel own your own, from Tagbilaran City you may head to integrated bus station (Dao) and catch a bus going to Clarin.

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Image and info credit to Rhodge Ger