HOB:The House of Bulalugaw and Bustek

I got learn this place by Kuya Doc Joey and Kuya Jet. Bulalugaw is a combination of words Bulalo (bone marrow soup) and Lugaw (porridge). Upon entering you get greeted by staff and owner Mr. Alvin Bernales and they immediately ask you if it's your first time. If you say yes, they will then suggest there best menu.
We oredered Bulalugaw, Lugaw Tapa, Bustek, Tofu & Bacon and Fried Rice.
Tofu & Bacon

Lugaw Tapa

Yummy Fried Rice

with Poging Owner and Chef Alvin Bernales
Their prices are very affordable and delicious. Kakaibang sarap talaga. Definitely I will go back and bring my friends too.


HOB: The House of Bulalugaw and Bustek
201 Katipunan Avenue, Project 4, Quezon City

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