Dam-agan Falls in Dimiao, Bohol

Dam-agan Falls can be found in the town of Dimiao, Bohol. Dam-agan Falls offers a breathtaking pack of adventure to those who want to chill out from the heat. The place is truly a natural beauty, and the unusual fulfillment that this waterfall can provide.

They called it Dam-agan because you might fall down walking through the stiffly narrow aisle. (Dam-ag Visaya  term of Fell off)


It takes around two hours from City of Tagbilaran to get in touch the town of Dimiao, Bohol. If you wish to travel own your own, from Tagbilaran City you may head to integrated bus station (Dao) and catch a bus going to Dimiao. Drop off at the Dimiao Public Market.  If you are taking a private vehicle, driving directly to the falls will take around 1 hour or less. Parking area is not near the falls, so you may need to park a few kilometers away in a private lot. Hiking is required for around less than an hour. Tricycle and habal-habal (motorbike) are the primary mode of transport around Dimiao

Location: Brgy.Catugasan, Dimiao, Bohol (15-minute ride from Poblacion )
Entrance Fee: P10
Mode of Transportation: Motorcycle/Habal-Habal
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Images & Video Credit to Alexis Magtajas